Basic geological characteristics of the siderite-rich strata in the Xiamaling Formation, Jixian County

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    The newly-exposed lower strata of the Xiamaling Formation near Tielingzi Village in Jixian County contain rich siderites. This paper reports the basic geological characteristics of these siderite-rich strata in terms of the field outcrop, petrology and major elements. Studies show that the profile is characterized by black shale interbedded with silty iron-rich layers/siderite concrete layers, and also has minor siltstone. Some iron-rich strata have turned into limonite layers in the outcrop because of intense weathering. Siderite is the main iron mineral phase in the strata. Siderites can form iron concretes, showing micritic or microcrystalline granulitic textures under the microscope, or form silty ferruginous layers with almost a comparable amount of silty quartz; it can also distributed sporadically in siltstone and black shale with relatively coarse particles. There also exists very little siderite residue in weathered limonite layers. The overall features of major elements show that the strata are rich in SiO2, TFe and TOC, but poor in MnO, CaO, MgO, P2O5 and S. Except for ferriciron in weathered layers, there is mainly ferrous iron in the strata. The TOC content decreases in order of siderite concrete, silty iron-rich layer, black shale and siltstone. The correlation diagram between TFe and Al2O3 content shows a negative correlation in iron-rich layers, while a positive correlation between them exists in normal black shale and siltstone, which suggests that iron in the former form originated from the ocean itself, while iron in the latter form originated mainly from terrigenous detritus. In addition, FeO content has a positive correlation with TOC content in fresh samples, which implies that the genesis of siderites may have some relationship with organic matter.

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张衎,朱祥坤,2013,蓟县下马岭组富菱铁矿地层的基本地质特征[J].岩石矿物学杂志,32(4):529~537. ZHANG Kan, ZHU Xiang-kun,2013,Basic geological characteristics of the siderite-rich strata in the Xiamaling Formation, Jixian County[J]. Acta Petrologica et Mineralogica,32(4):529~537.

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